An open meeting shall be held for the purpose of electing low-income representatives to the Lancaster-Fairfield Community Action Agency Board of Directors. The chairperson of the board of directors shall witness the election proceedings. Nominations shall come from the floor. To be eligible to vote, a person must be low-income, as defined by the federal government, and sign a statement to that effect. The votes must be cast by means of a written ballot if there are two or more nominees. Each voter must sign his/her name to a registration sheet before depositing a written ballot into the ballot box in order to prevent duplicate voting.

The term of office for members representing the low-income sector shall be three years. A member representing the low-income sector shall be eligible for re-election, provided that the following board service limits are not exceeded. No member representing the low-income or private sectors may serve more than six consecutive years or a total of twelve years. After serving for six consecutive years, a member representing either of these two sectors may not serve on the board in any capacity for at least one year.